Spring cleaning just wouldn’t be complete without clean carpet and tile in your home and office. It’s the season to gear up for indoor/outdoor parties and Randall Carpet Care is offering free home estimates with a referral appreciation program that’s refreshing to your flooring and your pocketbook. Estrella resident, John Randall, Sr. brings two generations of carpet and floor care experience to your assistance. Call 623-734-3589 or email randallcarpetcare@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

Randall Carpet Care believes that there are six key aspects to proper carpet cleaning. They include thorough vacuuming, preconditioning-for soiled areas, adequate “dwell” time for the detergent to break down the soils, agitation, extraction of soils and detergents and carpet nap setting. “Sadly, many carpet cleaners pick and choose only the aspects that are convenient for them, resulting in incomplete service,” says the company’s Owner/Operator, John Randall Sr.

As with every business owner, John has stories of customers that have made a positive impression on him. “This,” he states, “is one of the great rewards of owning your own business.” Business relationships with customers are an important aspect of reputation for Randall Carpet Care. In the early days, John recalls working with his brother, Paul. After completing a carpet cleaning at Mr. Lee’s home, the two returned to discuss the finished results and settle the bill. “Mr. Lee insisted that we stay and have dinner with him and his wife,” remembers Randall. “It’s just not what one expects from a new customer, but a positive and rewarding experience nonetheless.”